Elizabeth's Whimsical European Tour

From July 2 to September 30, I will be literarily traipsing across Europe! 

Initial Map.png

The Reading Room is running a Summer 2018 Reading Challenge. The theme? Backpack Across Europe. How fun! 


Currently, I am packing my bag and studying my trusty Satchel Guide. Being highly impulsive, I haven't purchased my plane tickets, for I still haven't decided the country in which I will begin my travels. My options are to fly from my home country (USA) to Charles de Gaulle (France), Heathrow (UK), or Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Netherlands). 

Once I arrive in my initial destination, I will read a book set in that country or written by an author from that country, write a review, and travel on to an adjacent European country. Imagine all the amazing things I will see and learn along the way! If I am lucky, I may get to see one of these amazing landmarks:

Buda Castle,   Old city of Dubrovnik,   The Gran Bazaar, Istanbul

Brandenburg Gate,   La Grand-Place, Brussels,   The Charles Bridge, Prague

Parthenon,   Alhambra,   Mont-Saint-Michel, France

In my travels, I will read, read, read, and my itinerary may be enlivened by new travel hubs, weather warnings, travel delays, or even special events. To complete my tour, I will depart from Frankfurt (Germany), Istanbul (Turkey), or Adolfo Suarez Madrid (Spain) and return to the States!

As soon as my initial destination is finalized, and my tickets have been purchased, I will post an update of my travel plans! Now to figure out how to fit Bella in my knapsack...

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